Stories, Essays and Reflections
Copyright © by Henry W. Farkas

Here is some of my prose. Feel free to read what you like and ignore the rest. Please respect my right to retain ownership of my work. I respect your right to disagree with any of the content or my presentation of it. Comments, suggestions, educated criticism (respectfully submitted), correction of factual errors and grammatical mistakes: all are welcomed. Flames to /dev/null. Caveat lector. Semper ubi sub ubi.

1. Bob Seeger Was Right (essay) 1987
2. Leadership Is Not The Issue (opinion) 1992
3. Images (essay) 1992
4. Night Work (fiction) 1995
5. Election Day Reflections (opinion) 1998
6. That Story About Chicago (true) 1998
7. Robot Soup (unfinished fiction) 1999
8. The Slide (fiction) 1999
9. The Place Mat (fiction) 2016
10. The Gypsy Curse (fiction) 2016
11. The Italian Wedding (true) 2016

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