Hardware, Tools, How-To's, and Help

New and Improved [1] now with Gardening Links!

Hardware and Home Repair
  1. Home Depot
    Search for how to. (They refuse direct links.)
  2. Goody's Hardware
    A great family-owned hardware store.
  3. Snap-On Tools
    Simply the best.
  4. The Craftsman motto:
    • 1,800 hand tools
    • Made in America
    • Guaranteed Forever
    Pretty much says it all.
  5. Brookstone tools
    "Hard To Find Tools and innovative solutions to everyday problems"
  6. Antique Hardware and Home
    What they said, plus hard-to-find items
  7. Home Improvement How-To's on line
    from DoItYourself.com
  8. Expert Advice on line
    from HomeTips.com
  9. Materials Calculator
  10. Mr. Handyman
  11. White's Plumbing
  1. A Garden Center with on-line tutorials
  2. New Haven County Cooperative Extension Center
    Includes their Plant Database and their Tree Key
  3. The CT Agricultural Experiment Station
    Includes soil testing
  4. NGA Garden Shop
  5. Bishop's Orchards
    Off topic, but it's OK...
  6. Great Cheeses of New England Because I couldn't resist!
    I admit it: this is way off-topic, but the 'Net is flaky, and so am I, so it's here.
  7. Great Nuts of New England We're getting farther off topic...
    Hey, if I can include cheese, I can include nuts.
    Do yourself a favor. Don't play her songs! You have been warned.

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