Level 0 Inactive: No known event likely to occur.
Level 1 Alert: Something might happen, a storm coming our way, etc.
Level 2 Standby: Will only occur if something happens (time to load the car, make sure everything is ready)
Level 3 Deploy: Will only occur if a served agency asks for help

I am not activated. Status is Level 0. No information to report.

I am an amateur radio "ham" operator. My callsign is KB1ERP.

I am a member of the Shore Point Amateur Radio Club.

I am also affiliated with the South Central Connecticut Chapter of the American Red Cross.

I would normally respond as a member of Connecticut ARES Region 2.

I do not self-deploy.

In the event of an emergency, I might be called away.

If I have time, and if it's appropriate, I will post update information here if I get called away.

"When was the last time you read the regulations? You and the government have entered into a contract; the government grants you various privileges and you in turn agree to help out with emergency communications; it's the only form of communications specifically mentioned.

There's no such thing as a free lunch; Amateur radio is not a hobby, it's a 'Service' (check the regs). We're allowed to use commercially valuable portions of the spectrum because we've made a contract to provide a needed service during a disaster."
-From a report by Robert S. Hoover, KA6HZF